17 Questions

  1. What kind of movie is this?
    Action, crime, drama, border town conflict between the cartel, the cops and the feds
  2. What are four good reasons to watch this movie?
    Intriguing characters
    Intense situations
    Incredibly beautiful women
    Independent productions need your support
  3. When will this project be completed, and where was it made?
    AD 2015. Tucson, AZ
  4. Are cops on the criminals’ payroll?
    In 2008 Mexico's former top anti-drug official, Noe Ramirez, was charged with receiving $450,000 per month for providing information about investigations to drug cartels.
  5. What kind of revenue is generated for Mexican drug cartels from the sale of drugs in the U.S.?
    $19 - $29 billion annually
  6. Where can I see this movie or pick up a copy?
    Stay tuned! Release details will be posted on this website as well as our Facebook page as soon as they are finalized.
  7. Is there really a pimp with a shotgun in this movie?
  8. What kind of reward is Mexico offering for information on drug lords?
    $2 million
  9. Is there a guy from Breaking Bad in this movie?
  10. What is the translation of the Latin phrase which appears on the U.S. Department of Justice seal?
    Check out the article from the DOJ which essentially gives the answer, “We’re not exactly sure.” http://www.justice.gov/jmd/ls/dojseal.htm
  11. Is there a tv soap opera actor in this movie?
  12. What will this movie be rated?
    We’re shooting for a PG-13.
  13. Is one of the actors in this movie also a renowned rock musician?
  14. How much of the US population over age 12 admits to using illegal drugs?
  15. Hay escenarios en español en esta película?
  16. How many people have been killed as a result of the anti-cartel campaign started in 2006 by Felipe Calderon?
    The Mexican government estimates over 47,000 deaths.
  17. Is this movie going to be as depressing as these statistics?
    Not unlike reality the setting for this story is gritty. One of the themes is how we respond to negative surroundings and circumstances. (i.e. What do you do when you’re being hunted by entities on both sides of the law?)